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By Graham J Freer

Having a fantastic idea could be the start of your very own online business. Sometimes it's better to be a dreamer who has brilliant ideas than one you can only day dream and not follow up on anything. There are probably tons of ideas for a home business, a lot of it depends on whether or not you see the potential of that idea and also if someone else wants what you have thought of, we can all come up with what we think is a product that everyone wants or needs but in reality the first question to ask yourself 'Is It Viable?'

  • Is it viable is the question every new entrepreneur should ask himself.
  • OK what do we mean by 'viable'?
  • How will you produce the product, outsource it or do it yourself? Cost is a big factor here.
  • Is there a market for the item/s?
  • Where is that market and how big is it? It's no good having a brilliant product if you cannot sell it.
  • Will you need a bricks and mortar place of business or can you sell it on the internet?
Staffing is another point you need to consider, employing others in your adventure can be another high cost factor.

This next point is very important, 'Can you afford to give up your present day/night job'.

I personally have had both types of business, a bricks and mortar building with all the costs and now an online home business, of the two I personally prefer the online business I am not constantly worrying about things like, will I have enough money coming in to pay for things like rent, utility bills and the expensive advertising to keep my business in the public eye. I may be fortunate in that I already had a computer and an internet connection so the changeover was relativity easy.

Please note I said relatively easy but I still had an awful lot to learn about setting up an online business. Of the two I defiantly prefer the work at home where I am not tied to store opening and closing times and if I want a break I can and I get to see more of my family. While not a rich person, (contrary to what a lot of other people claim in this business) I enjoy what I do and also the challenge is something new every day, however that's not to say you cannot make a very healthy living via the internet.

So what will you need to start up;
  • A computer with an internet connection.
  • A product yours or someone else's (affiliate marketing).
  • A website (not essential but handy to have), you can earn money by things like online advertising promoting other peoples products sometimes referred to as CPC (cost per click).
  • Hosting for your website (can be expensive if you do not take some care).
  • Last but defiantly not least your desire to learn. You do not have to learn loads of computer code etc but you will need to know how and online business works and what tools to use to achieve this.
I personally have been a member of a very good membership site for over a year now were everything I wanted to know was laid out in an easy to understand way and the support from the site is unbelievable, it also includes free hosting, 'two birds with one stone so they say.'

If you have the drive and determination to start your own online business and want to be your own boss we have plenty of help and tips to help you get started. Visit http://grahamfreeronline.com and for help with affiliate marketing have a look at http://affiliatemarketing-gf.com. I would wish you all the best in your new and exciting adventure.

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