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Home-based business is currently growing. Not only facilitates you especially housewives in the manage because of its location at home, the business can also bring huge profits.
Obviously, this makes everyone want to start a home business. However, many are confused what to start a business? If still confused want to start a home business is like, here are some ideas you can imitate.

Catering or sell food
All people need to eat. So the food business makes it possible to get a tidy profit. Well, because the competition is quite large food business, you need to rack my brain to create more unique and delicious food. If it is possible, garage your home can be transformed into a small diner or can you provide a service to deliver food from house to house.

Laundry and dry cleaning business is growing. Especially when this 'laundry kilogram' the public interest when a household or boarding kids did not have time to wash and iron clothes.
To start a laundry business, you can start with the franchise (warabala), so you do not need to buy laundry machines. Consumers stay left clothes and laundry companies who cooperate will pick it up and thereafter will be sent back to your home. You only as a bridge between consumers and laundry company.

If you have the ability in the field of photography, you can start this business. Especially if you have an empty room, you can turn it into a photo studio.
Not only that, now it became more and more couples are interested in making pre-wedding photos. Your ability in the field of photography can be used for business.

Event organizer
Event organizer (EO) is getting much needed by society. From managing the birthday child to be a wedding organizer. If you are good at managing money and has had many contacts with vendors, you can handle the various events that are needed.

Online business
Consumers are increasingly interested in purchasing goods through online. Online shop can sell anything, like clothing, baby equipment to food. You can start with Facebook, blogs or create your own website.

If you are an expert in certain fields such as interior or the legal field, you can open a business in home interior consultants such as lawyers or legal consultants. In starting a business consultant, you need to provide enough room to comfortably accept consumers who need your services.


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